SRINITHI CORPORATES emphasizes on the needs and specifications of the customers giving them the finest consultancy and services. After a careful study and situation analysis, our consultants provide you with a number of security options. You can choose the most suitable one in order to fulfill your exact requirements and standards.

Integrated Security
We live in a society where crime and mishaps are everyday affairs. For this reason, we design an integrated security solution that can be accessed from a single or multiple control room, providing total security to your entire premises leaving no loopholes in the security trap.

Project management
Project management is another area we specialize in. As soon as a project starts straight from scratch all the way to installation, commissioning and maintenance of equipments, our team pays full attention needed to the project and prepares the best possible security trap.

Installation is a crucial procedure when dealing with security equipments. Our intelligent and innovative engineers frame every micro aspect of the system, from cabling to commissioning. The equipments we have installed are working effectively at various places producing excellent results.


Our maintenance and customer care team provides you . with a timely maintenance to help run the installed machinery properly and efficiently by having proper check ups for spare parts, servicing of equipments and upgrading of the software. The equipment check ups are free of cost for a stipulated period of time. Certain guaranty and warranty are also provided for the products.


Command & Control
We make sure that our customers achieve full command and control over the installed equipments. Control of system from single point or multiple points is possible assuring different levels of security for different locations as per the sensitivity. It thus becomes user friendly and eases decision making. With full command, you can access and control your premises from different locations through Internet, ISDN, HDSL, Hand Held PDA, LAN, and WAN... etc.


Training for the usage and handling of the equipments is vital for extensive and effective working of the systems. Keeping this in mind, we train our customers or end users on usage of equipments for longevity and optimum results.


Projects undertaken by us are maintained under strict confidentiality and information is given out only to authorized personnel.



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