Source unit

The BGM Sourse unit is the ideal high quality source for background music (BGM) in public address systems. The unit consists of a DVD / CD - Player and a digitally controlled FM / AM tuner in a compact 2U-high, 19" housing. It is typically used in shops, supermarkets, restaurants, bars, canteens, gym, shoowrooms, and other places where BGM creates the right atmosphere. It connects to almost any public address amplifier.

Mixer Amplifier

The mixer amplifier is a versatile, high-performance unit with four mono microphone inputs and a music input. It fulfills a wide variety of public address requirements at a surprisingly low cost.

Cieling Speaker

Bosch range of loudspeakers offer a selection of units to meet most public address system requirements. And as a result of long and wide-ranging experience in all aspects of sound reinforcement, the unrivalled quality of these products can be guaranteed. An economic flushing-mounting ceiling loudspeaker is available for general purpose applications. This full range loudspeaker is suitable for both speech and music reproduction in shops, department stores, schools, offices, sports halls, hotels and restaurants. The speaker assembly consists of a single-piece, 6W dual cone loudspeaker and frame, with a 100V matching transformer mounted on the back. A circular metal grille is an integrated part of the front. The appearance and neutral white colour has been selected to be unobtrusive in virtually all interiors.


Wall Mount Speaker

  • Extended listening area
  • Excellent intelligibility of speech and music
  • Uniform distribution of natural sound throughout the room
  • Suitable for any small to medium enclosures, from canteens to meeting rooms
This loudspeaker, with its good directivity, can handle small and medium indoor environments such as congress venues, meeting rooms, showrooms and canteens. The full frequency range  makes it ideal for speech as well as music reproduction. Its exceptionally narrow housing (only 8 cm wide) makes it extremely unobtrusive.

Bi-directional Speaker

This  is a 12 W, cost-effective, bidirectional loudspeaker for indoor use. The baffle design creates a wide opening angle, making this loudspeaker very suitable for use in long corridors. Keyholes at the rear provide quick and easy wall mounting. The cabinet is available in black or white.

Good speech intelligibility and background music reproduction
Wedge shaped design
Available in black or white
MDF construction
Complies with international installation and safety regulations


Micro Phone

This unidirectional handheld microphone provides cost-effective, high-quality speech intelligibility and is fully compactible with public address equipment. It is based on dynamic transducer element in sturdy housing with shielding against wind and wind bursts (pops). The microphone has excellent cardioid directivity, greatly reducing acoustic feedback. The microphone is intended for public address and sound reinforcement applications such as leisure centres, assembly halls and shops.



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