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Established in 1998, Srinithi Corporates is a leading Building Management System (BMS) provider spread out its operations all over the South India. We provide you finest quality of products with safe, secure, highly reliable, tailor made and cost effective BMS backed up with sound expertise team and round the clock customer service and support.

Commercial Buildings
Do More for Less in Your Office Buildings
Cost-effective operations. Tenant satisfaction. Investment value. A lot is riding on the performance of your office building. Owners and managers around the world turn to our security, fire and building automation solutions for:

  • More efficient building systems
  • Guaranteed energy savings
  • More productive staff
  • Consistent occupant comfort

Industrial Security
Protect and Secure Your Plants With Open, Distributed and Digital Platforms
Heavy industry relies on networked-based, open, access control solutions to protect itself from liabilities. You can tightly monitor employee and visitor access to dangerous facilities. If you have strong needs in perimeter control, we can provide external protection integrated with the access control system that runs inside the building. Plus, integrated video solutions mean your security officers can watch the perimeter as well as problem areas inside the facility.

Correctional Facilities
Lower Your Incident Risk; Reduce Operating Costs
Using access control, visitor management solutions and video surveillance, not only can you ensure that the perimeter and hallways of your facility are secure, you can also minimize the risk of an incident occurring at all. By tracking visitors and carefully monitoring employee access, your correctional facility can greatly reduce the opportunity for an incident to occur. In addition, extending video surveillance can allow meetings to take place without any risky transport or face-to-face interaction.

Fire and Life Safety
Minimize Your Fire Risk, Help Prevent Property Loss and Ensure a Safer Environment
Fire, accidents and natural disasters can strike at any time with devastating effects on your people and your business. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Our fire and life safety solutions are a positive and proven way to minimize your risk, help prevent property loss and ensure a safer environment for your people. We integrate fire systems for an unsurpassed level of protection.
So whether you oversee the safety and protection of a school or industrial facility from a single PC, or monitor a large, globally-integrated network for commercial or government facilities, you’ll be protected with:

  • Critical process control
  • Emergency communications and planning
  • Fire and smoke detection systems
  • Life safety management solutions

Safeguard Your People and Property — And Make Your Job Easier
You’ve put a lot of hard work into successfully building your organization; now you need someone you can trust to protect it. Whether you own a commercial enterprise or operate a school or government facility, we have a security solution that can safeguard your people, assets and intellectual property.

From systems that monitor burglar alarms and sprinkler systems to advanced applications that provide integrated control and monitoring of electronic access control, security management and closed-circuit television systems (CCTV), we will custom design, install, integrate, monitor and maintain all of your security systems.

Building Automation and Control Solutions

Put the Productivity Experts to Work for You
Building Automation and Control Solutions
Building Automation and Control Solutions (ACS), is a strategic partner in helping your buildings run as efficiently as possible. ACS applies its sensing and control expertise to help create a safer, more comfortable, more secure and more productive environment.

ACS’ pioneering expertise lies in its ability to integrate critical sensing and control systems for homes and buildings, industry and government.
It’s the science of capturing more and better data, then applying the insight to make devices, systems and processes smarter, more capable and more valuable.

We help you automate, monitor and control processes to improve productivity and profitability and to ensure regulatory compliance. The sensing technologies and integrated building automation systems enhance climate control, air quality, energy efficiency, life safety, security and efficiency. They increase plant up time, reduce maintenance and utility costs, and deliver a better return on investment.

Fifty years ago, this expertise created The Round® thermostat, the icon of home temperature control. Today, sensing and control is about collecting and integrating information from multiple points across an office complex, a manufacturing plant, an airport, a hospital, a shopping center or hotel — to optimize the performance of critical systems like heating and air conditioning, lighting, video surveillance, access control, fire detection and security.

Rest Assured Knowing Your Buildings are Peak Performers

We’ll help you get the peace of mind that your buildings are running smoothly … and save you money in the process. Your facilities will be safe, secure, comfortable and energy efficient with ACS. Our systems will maximize ROI throughout the life of your buildings, and integrate with critical business systems to boost productivity and cost effectiveness.Your systems and processes will work smarter — and be more valuable.

Choose ACS when you expect:

  • Superior service and support 24/7
  • Unmatched reliability
  • Long-term value
  • Easy implementation
  • Energy efficiency — because it impacts the bottom line



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