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Srinithi Corporates is proud to be an authorized Crestron dealer. Crestron is the leading manufacturer of Audio, Visual, Lighting, HVAC and Security automation, control and management. Whether it's a residential, commercial or educational solution you are looking for, as an authorized Crestron dealer, Srinithi Corporates can design, configure and install an automation, control and management solution that fits your residential, business or educational needs as well as your budget.

Why Crestron?

Crestron is the only company that can provide a total solution. As an authorized Crestron dealer, Srinithi Corporates has access to over 1,000 different products that can integrate with your existing equipment and environment to make sure your automation, control and management project gets done right the first time. Crestron manufactures its own components so they can test and assure integration of items such as: iPod docs and connectors, Somfy shades and blinds and Sirius and XM Radio receivers just to name a few.

Why is this important?

Other automation companies will try to integrate 3rd party control solutions with their systems in order to automate, control and manage your equipment and environment. These types of a solutions do not work easily and are not reliable. These 3rd party integrations end up costing you, the client, more in equipment expense, trouble shooting and programming costs. For example, other control systems do not make their own iPod doc for their system nor does it have a way to control shades, blinds or curtains without the use of a 3rd party device. Something as simple as an iPod cannot be controlled with other control systems without 3rd party devices. Crestron on the other hand manufactures its own iPod doc that is guaranteed to work. Not only does it control all aspects of your iPod it will also display Album Cover Art, Artist, Song Title and more on any touch panel you have including all wall mount touch panels. Crestron also provides hardware solutions for Shades, Drapes, Blinds, Security Cameras, Intercoms and much, much more. As an authorized Crestron dealer, Srinithi Corporates will make sure your automation, control and management project will work right the first time.

About Crestron

Crestron is the leader in residential, commercial and educational systems automation, control and management. Crestron ended the 2007-08 fiscal year on June 30th, posting its twentieth consecutive year of double digit growth. The global leader of commercial and residential automation, control and management systems finished the year with a record-breaking month with sales 50 percent above the previous month. The nearly 20 percent revenue growth for 2007-08 brings Crestron total annual sales to $400 million. Despite an increasingly competitive marketplace, challenging economy and rising costs. Crestron continues to grow - creating jobs and helping fuel the economy and as an authorized Crestron dealer, Srinithi Corporates is proud to be associated with company that is as strong as Crestron.

Crestron Highlights

Crestron Blue Arrow Crestron is the only company in its field that maintains a a 100,000 Sq Ft. Research and

     Development center in New Jersey.
Crestron Blue Arrow Crestron's research center alone houses more than 350 full-time Hardware and

     Software Engineers.
Crestron Blue Arrow Crestron Manufactures ALL of its products right here in the United States.

Imagine what the Crestron Total Home Technology experience can bring to your lifestyle.



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