Conference and Class Room Presentation Solutions

Does your conference room or board room or presentation system require you call your IT department every time you need to do a presentation? Is your client sitting there while you fumbling to to get what you are seeing on your system to show up on the projection screen? Are you missing conference calls and video conference meetings because you can never get the equipment to work? If you are experiencing issues like the ones above Srinithi Corporates and Crestron can eliminate them.

Think of it, a presentation system where the presenter can press one button and down comes the projection screen, the lights dim and their Power Point presentation loads all without hooking up a single computer or calling the IT department. A presentation solution that does not require the presenter to bring in a laptop, plug it in, connect it to the video projector, connect it to the audio system, search for a file and hope everything works. A single touch panel is all that's required.

A presentation system from Srinithi Corporates and Crestron allows the presenter to focus on their presentation and allows them to do the following, all from a single touch panel.

  • Real Time Video - Allows the presenter to see, on the touch panel, what's being presented behind them on the projection screen without turning around, Allowing the presenter to focus on the presentation and on the audience.
  • Dual Video Window - Allows the presenter to preview or queue a image or video prior to it being presented. The presentor can switch between the two video windows to make anyone of them active.
  • Built In Internet Browser and Windows Media Player - Allows the presenter to show internet content or streaming media without having a computer in the room.
  • Built In Word, Excel, Power point and PDF Viewers - Allows the presenter to retrieve and show any document or file on the corporate network. In a law office, for example, you can log on to the corporate network and every electronic document is available right at your finger tips. Gone are the days of stacks of folders on every conference room table.
  • Built In Interactive White Board - With the included Media Marker you can draw on the Touch Panel itself. This allows you to annotate over any image, video or document live in real time and with out altering the original image or document. You can capture and store any video, image or document with annotation. An advertising agency, for example, reviewing and marking up the print ads off the computer, the television commercial from video and the new look for the customers web site all from one system. When they are done each team can take the snapshots, with their mark up notes, back to their own department. They can even be emailed. Now that's productivity.



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