Proximity Card System


RFID Working on 125 KHz Frequency.
RFID Working on 13.56 KHz Frequency.
125 KHz Frequency.
Readers Based on read only cards (Proximity) cards are commonly maid for Attendance Recording & Access Control Applications most popular systems are:
Syris Systems: - Taiwan origin - This is the most Economical Braw.
HID Readers
Products at Indian Origin:- Solus, Smart I & Bioenable.

Biometric Systems

This a convenient, cost effective fingerprint recognition access control system. The system employs a powerful search algorithm to index fingerprints by their global characteristics, and so can be used without the need for magnetic swipe, proximity card (and the burdensome, recurring costs associated with cards), or pin number entry. Users simply walk up and put their finger on the reader to be recognized. Mostfingerprint recognition solutions require an additional credential, such as a card or PIN, to identify users. Our search algorithms allows for the convenience of a “fingerprint only” mode functionality on huge user databases without the need for additional credentials.

For higher security environments or areas that are designed to be more flexible the system is also capable of integrating with pin pad, magnetic swipe, proximity card, or smart card technology. The flexibility of the Bioaccess system allows these devices to be used in a variety of ways such as combining the devices with fingerprint recognition to create a multi-factor authentication or simply to allow HR to issue temporary cards or PIN numbers to visitors so that they can access the facility without having to enroll their fingerprints.

Hand Recognition Systems

Put your hands on the accurate, affordable Biometric Time Clock solution...the Hand punch 3000 Eliminates Buddy Punching and provides the most accurate method to collect payroll data!!

Save Money over Card Based Systems: Easy to Use and No Cards to create, administer, carry...or lose When you want to cut time and attendance labor costs...Do It By Hand There is no question anymore, Employees have to be there to punch... Eliminate Buddy Punching in your business today!!

Anatomy of a Hand punch 3000 Biometric Time Clock
512 Employee Capacity (upgradeable to 9,728 Employees)
Two Programmable Function Keys
Sketch of Hand with LED's...assist with correct hand position
2 Line Display prompts the employee to enter thier PIN Number
Red or Green lights for status of each punch
Platen (not shown), has Pegs that ergonomically direct and position placement of hand


3D - Face Recognition Systems

Our focus on high end reliable access control solutions continues with the introduction of 3 D Face Recognition System. It provides employees with lightning-speed access to your offices and restricted areas. 3D Face Readers increase security while maintaining high throughput for access into buildings, making the process effortless for employees.

The concept of the Face Reader is to collect 3D facial biometric data from a person in front. The captured information is matched against the templates stored in the biometric database. It can be connected to a LAN and remotely managed through the Administration software. With an access controller it can be effectively used with other Biometric (IRIS, Finger based) and card based system.

3D Face Recognition readers authenticate users in less than a second and are optimized in high traffic areas. With the real-time 3D imaging technology it enrolls users in 4 to 8 seconds and authenticates in under a second. Upto 40, 000 data points are captured and the reader can even differentiate between identical twins.

It can store 60,000 templates and 100,000 events for audit trial. It gives identical results irrespective of the lighting condition - day, night, well lit, poor lit etc. It also has the ability to give accurate results irrespective of the facial positions. 





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